| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Army: one soldier injured in clashes & shooting in Tripoli’s Al-tabbaneh locality yesterday evening

Lebanese Army Command – Orientation Directorate issued today the following statement: “On 9/30/2022 in the evening, a clash occurred between a number of citizens in al-Tabbaneh-Tripoli as a result of previous disputes, during which there was gunfire using military weapons. As a result, an army force intervened and raided the homes of the shooters, arresting one citizen for possessing a military pistol and another for possessing a Kalashnikov-type weapon with ammunition, grenades and military equipment.”

“During the raid, the army force came under fire, as a result of which one of the soldiers was slightly wounded,” the statement added.

“The seizures were handed over to the concerned sides, as investigations with the detainees were launched under the supervision of the specialized judiciary,” the army statement concluded.

  • NNA