| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

As if confiscating the power is not enough, Hezbollah confiscate 6000 covid-19 vaccines.

In a country like Lebanon, where people in power divide shares and steal their wealth. It is no wonder to find corruption thriving and penetrating inside state institutions that are suffering bankruptcy and mismanagement as a result of the failed behavior of officials.

It is no wonder that the dollar is rising under a dormant power and absent from the concerns of its people, and it is no wonder that we do not find medicine in light of smuggling operations and illegal crossings through which medicines are stolen and diesel smuggled through Hezbollah to Syria

But to find corruption and lack of transparency in a file related to the citizens’ share, this is a major crime, especially since the state failed to manage this file and acted without responsibility and disregarded the health of its citizens and made them stay either in hospitals that were full of patients or inside graves.

Hezbollah was not satisfied with placing its hand on power and confiscating its decision. It was not content with bringing Lebanon into wars that we have no part in, but rather a service to the mullahs’ regime, and in honor of Khamenei.

In a scandal among the scandals that follow through the vaccination file, it seems that Hezbollah decided to kidnap the lives of the Lebanese, confiscate vaccines, and put its hand on the last hope of the Lebanese people to get rid of the Corona virus.

Sources closely related to the vaccination file for “Voice of Beirut International” reveal that nearly 6,000 vaccines were smuggled into Hezbollah, and this is a crime that requires swift action to hold those involved accountable.

  • Sawt Beirut International