| 6 December 2023, Wednesday |

Bahaa Hariri: “Will support people and lists in Parliamentary elections.”

Businessman Bahaa Hariri said that “Sawa” movement, has become literally a democratic model, and there will be 40 trustees, stressing that he will not be its leader.

Hariri, Via an interview with “Dialogue” program on “France 24”, said: “We put “Sawa” on a map as a model that does not contradict the demands of the international community, and it is a cross-sectarian movement, and its president will be a Christian.”

He added, “I am a Sunni Muslim and I am proud of that, but I am Lebanese, and our project is cross-sectarian.”

Regarding the support of personalities running for the elections, Bahaa Hariri confirmed that the names will be clarified in the coming days, and there is no alliance with any of the political system leaders.

“We will support people and lists,” he said, and our alliance is with civil society.

Hariri stressed that it is impossible to ally with Hezbollah, praising the decision of the International Court to convict two other members of the party for the crime of martyr Rafik Hariri’s assassination

“Things must return to normal, and during the days of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, there was no Hezbollah’s minister in his governments”, he continued, pointing out that Hariri’s path was not completed, as there is a part of it that has not been implemented, and we are committed to completing it, especially by adhering to what was stipulated in the Gulf paper.


Hariri added: “The Gulf leaders know that Lebanon recoverd through its unity, and I am more than certain, that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is interested in gathering Muslims and Christians at one table, to take Lebanon to safety,” stressing that “Saudi Arabia was a pioneer in supporting Lebanon, and we must restore this cohesion, because Lebanon, with its constitution, is Arab.”

He reiterated that the security issue is the basis for his current absence from Lebanon.

Bahaa Hariri called for auditing the accounts of Banque du Liban, pointing out that confidence must be restored in the fight against corruption, the independent judiciary, and the return of investment in the foundations represented by the banking, tourism, health and educational sectors.

  • Sawt Beirut International