| 18 May 2024, Saturday |

Beirut Bar Association elections postponed until November 21

The General Assembly of the Beirut Bar Association held a meeting today for its first session by inviting its President Melhem Khalaf and the lawyers, in implementation of the agenda set at 9 am in the morning to elect a new president and members of the association.

The meeting was attended by Khalaf and members of the Bar Association, as well as the new candidates for the membership of the association, and the position of President, and for the membership of the Pension Fund Management Committee.

Khalaf chaired the meeting, and after waiting until 10 am it was found that the number of lawyers who attended and were entitled to participate in this association were 75 lawyers, and since the quorum to hold this session was not available, it was postponed to the current November 21, pursuant to Article 38 of the Law Regulating the Legal Profession.

For the occasion, the President addressed the audience where he stressed “the importance of these elections, as they devote the principle of democracy, especially in these exceptional circumstances, and on the association’s continuous approach for the last 102 years in its pioneering position.

The Secretary Saad El-Din Waseem Al-Khatib read the minutes of the meeting.

The meeting of the General Assembly was postponed till Sunday 21st at 9 am, due to the lack of a quorum, based on Article 38 and the following of the law regulating the legal profession, so that the meeting on the second date is considered legal, regardless of the number of attendees.

  • Sawt Beirut International