| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Bizri: “Sidon living a dire and critical situation threatens of dangerous explosion.”

Dr. Abd al-Rahman Bizri considered that “the dire living situation, and the almost complete absence of services for Sidon and its people, portend critical consequences, and raises the question behind the reasons for the severe neglect that the city is witnessing, amid the absence of any authority regarding  organizing matters related to the basics that citizens need, including, of course, fuel, and the almost complete absence of water and electricity in the city.

He added that “Sidon, which has long suffered from harsh conditions as a result of a deliberate policy of continuous neglect of the city and its people, finds itself today in a very dire and critical situation that may threaten a dangerous social explosion.

Bizri concluded, affirming that “what the country is witnessing in general and what Sidon is witnessing in particular is a manifestation of the complete collapse of this political ruling class, that ran the country’s affairs for decades, and is still today competing for seats, portfolios and gains,  violating the interests and safety of citizens.”