| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

Bou Assi: Ain Al-Remmaneh’s detainees are victims of an incompetent state

Member of the Strong Republic bloc MP Pierre Bou Assi affirmed that “the detainees of Ain al-Remmaneh are victims of a great injustice, and it is unacceptable to put a perpetrator and a victim in the same balance, and claim that we have achieved justice,” considering that what is happening today is the “injustice of the state” against its citizens and its behavior in a disrespectful manner, according to local and international legal standards.
Bou Assi indicated via an interview, that he is in constant contact with the families of the detainees whom he visited in their homes, and that the head of the “Lebanese Forces” party, Dr. Samir Geagea follows up their situation every minute, as well as the lawyers’ follow-up on their files and the accompanying political movement.
He said, “I cannot promise anything because the matter is not in my hands, but in the hands of the military judiciary, but I promise to do everything I can, so that the military judiciary will be just, and I am convinced that if it is so, then they will return to their homes quickly.”
In response to a question, how is the “Lebanese forces” following up on the issue of the detainees, he replied: “The Lebanese Forces are basically betting on the state, but the state that behaves properly. Our reaction to what is happening remains in accordance with the logic of the state, i.e. appointing lawyers for the detained youths, communicating permanently with their families, and following up on politics to find out if any pressures are being exercised in the case that prevented them from meeting their families and lawyers. If we act with the barbarism with which they invaded Ain al-Rummaneh, we serve the invaders, not the area, nor the logic of the state.”
On whether the events of Ain al-Rummaneh, made Samir Geagea appear as the first Christian leader, he said: “I do not know if this is the reason, but I believe that he is the first Christian leader and one of the first Lebanese leaders for a basic reason that he did not change his constants and convictions and did not fear, retreat or compromise. He has national constants that he adheres to, from sovereignty to pluralism, democracy, and protection of public money
In response to a question about the Tayyar, he answered: “The Free Patriotic Movement are not sheep, but rather Lebanese people who made their choice at a certain stage, and democracy requires that the citizen evaluate his choice every period, either confirming it or changing it in the interest of the public interest. As for Representative Gebran Bassil’s statement regarding the battle of Ain al-Remmaneh invasion, it reflects the despicableness of a this person,who knows no bounds.
Regarding the rumors about the Tayyar’s requirement that the “forces” apologize to the people of Chiyah for the October 14 incidents in order to show solidarity with them, he replied: “The crooked, bad and illogic has brought the movement to what it has reached. In what logic does the victim apologize to the aggressor, so do we witness, for example, an apology from France to Germany or from India to Britain for occupying it? This logic reflects stupidity, and are not interested in pleasing Basil, who is he anyway, to care about pleasing him?.”