| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Bou Assi: They stole what we have, but no one can steal our identity and who we are

Member of the “Strong Republic” bloc, MP Pierre Bou Assi, affirmed that no matter how much they rob the Lebanese or stole their lives, but theu will never be able to steal our identity. “As long as we are united as mutually supportive families to celebrate together the glorious Christmas, the world is still good, because this proves that we preserve our joy and the most important message carried by the birth of the Lord Jesus, which is hope. By birth, we conquer death and consecrate hope.”
Bou Assi stressed that “the owners of the feast today are the little children who do not own anything like Jesus in the manger, but they possess the most important thing, the blessing of our Lord and the love of their family, and this is the most important thing in this world and no one can steal it,” stressing that “as long as our hearts are full of love, we are Who will win, and this is what the coming days and weeks will show.”
Bou Assi concluded: “We hope that God will enable us to make a country worthy of our children in which they live happily and strive for prosperity and development, and this is their right over us, and this is our commitment to them and to you.”