| 26 July 2021, Monday |

Brax: concerned authorities must take swift decisions to stop people’s suffering

Member of the Gas Stations Owners’ Syndicate, George Brax, on Friday told the National News Agency that those responsible for finding solutions to import fuel, and those studying the required mechanisms to implement a proposal to import fuel at a rate of LBP 3900 per USD, “should swiftly make a clear and decisive decision that stops the suffering of citizens, who are spending countless hours in gas station queues, as well as to end the suffering of gas station owners, who are in direct confrontation with consumers.”

“We remind those concerned that any decision that will be issued by them must coincide with the required procedures to ensure that gasoline quantities are  distributed to all gas stations across Lebanon. We also ask them to reconsider the pricing schedule as per the USD rate adjustment,” Brax to the NNA.

“This is what must be done, even if we seek to resolve the crisis temporarily. We do not enjoy the luxury of procrastination because people have run out of patience,” he concluded.