| 13 July 2024, Saturday |

British Embassy: UK discusses border security and calls for full implementation of UNSCR 1701

During a meeting of the High Level Steering Committee (HLSC) to discuss security on the Lebanese-Syrian border, UK Ambassador Hamish Cowell, along with US Ambassador Dorothy Shea and Canadian Ambassador Stefanie McCollum, expressed condolences for the death of a Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) soldier and called for calm along the Blue Line.

The HLSC oversees international efforts to support Land Border Regiments for external security and reinforcing Lebanese state authority along the Syria border.

Ambassador Cowell emphasized the need for a halt to hostilities across the Blue Line and a renewed commitment to implementing UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

He praised the LAF’s work and highlighted the UK’s substantial financial commitment to enhance LAF capabilities.

  • NNA