| 2 August 2021, Monday |

Calm returns to Tripoli

Cautious calm returned to the city of Tripoli this morning, after a stormy night punctuated by protests, popular rallies, shootings, throwing hand grenades and injuries.

The army implemented a wide spread in the city’s streets and brought in military reinforcements from yesterday until now and carried out a wide spread in the streets of the city and in front of the government palaces and official institutions, and managed to regain control of the field situation and open the roads to traffic.

Yesterday, protesters carried out foot rallies that roamed the city’s streets to protest the deteriorating difficult living conditions, amid a heavy deployment of army personnel.

The protesters chanted slogans condemning the officials, demanding their resignation and trial.

However, the movements were interrupted by some riots, as some young men broke the facades of a number of banks, according to what the “National Media Agency” reported.

In addition, the entrance to the Tripoli Brigades witnessed great tension, as a crowd of protesters threw stones and Molotov bombs at the building, and they also burned tires in front of its entrance.

A number of demonstrators also gathered in the vicinity of the office of Representative Muhammad Kabbara in Tripoli, which led to tension between the protesters and members of the Lebanese army who were present in the vicinity of the office of Representative Kabbara.

“Sawt Beirut International” correspondent Ibrahim Fatfat reported from the emergency services that ten injuries were caused by rubber bullets, while no injuries were recorded by live bullets.