| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Cautious optimism, will there be a government this week?

The Director General of Public Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, resumed his governmental mediation, after a period of calm following the dispute that emerged publicly, through statements between Baabda and the prime minister-designate.

Ibrahim, who visited Baabda Palace today and met President Michel Aoun, took advantage of the external contacts’ movement, especially the one between French President Emmanuel Macron and his Iranian counterpart Ibrahim Raisi, which was devoted to discussing the Lebanese file.

The last hours’ developments led to the emergence of optimism, although remains a  cautious one, regarding the possibility of a governmental formation this week.

On the other hand, Representative Ali Darwish announced that Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati presented a full government formation to President Michel Aoun, pointing out that “there are details that have reached their end, but it cannot be said that they have ended until the issuance of the decrees of authorship.”

He refused to give a specific deadline for composition, stressing that “the government is composed of twenty-four ministers, and in case, for some reason it was not formed in this way, there are other options for the designated prime minister, including raising the issue of fourteen ministers.”

Regarding the possibility of the president-designate apology, he stressed via a radio interview that “as long as there is an impression that a government can be formed, the president-designate is ready to do all what he can, but if he will be faced with totally closed doors, then, he will announce his resignation.”

Darwish pointed out that “several parties have played a positive role in the past two days at the governmental level.”