| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Clarification from Banque du Liban about criminal audit

Banque du Liban issued a clarification statement on the criminal audit stating the following:

In light of the developments related to the criminal audit process, Banque du Liban would like to state the following:
1 – On 27-9-2021, the Minister of Finance provided Banque du Liban with a copy of the amended contract dated 17-9-2021, signed with M&A (Limited East Middle Marsal & Alvarez) company. He also requested Banque du Liban to install the logistical equipment and software needed for “M&A” in the office of the Ministry of Finance.
2 – After receiving the above request, Banque du Liban took the necessary measures to prepare and equip with the necessary network, computers, and programs and examined them to ensure their readiness.
3- On 21-10-2021, Banque du Liban uploaded the required information from “M&A”, noting that it uploaded the main computer designated for this purpose in the Ministry of Finance building, with about 900 megabytes of these information.
4 – On 11/11/2021 the Minister of Finance requested the Banque du Liban to express its opinion on a number of clarifications about the information placed at its disposal. Banque du Liban is currently studying this issue to provide the required clarifications in order to remove any obstacles that may encounter the “M&A”