| 27 May 2024, Monday |

“Committee for Depositors’ Rights Protection”, a decision by Bar Association

President of the Bar, Nader Kasbar, issued a decision that included the names of the “Committee for the Protection of the Rights of Depositors”, it stated:
“The President of the Beirut Bar, pursuant to Article 117 of the Bylaw, decides on the Committee for the Protection of the Rights of Depositors as follows:
Prof. Karim Daher (chairman), Dr. Ali Zbeeb (rapporteur).
Professors: Joseph Boutros Farah, Musa Khoury, Maysam Younes, Abdo Jamil Ghossoub, Hassan Bazzi, Nada Abdel-Sater, Karen Tohme, Yomna Makhlouf, Rafeeq Uri Gharzy, Dina Abu Zour and Fouad Adolf Debs.
An observatory is to be established to study laws related to economic affairs and combating corruption, which includes, in addition to the members of the committee, the economic experts: Albert Kostanian, Tawfiq Kaspar and Dr. Mosbah Al-Majzoub, in preparation for activating the agreement signed with the Accountants Experts Syndicate.