| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

COVID-19 counter in Lebanon, increasing.

The Ministry of Public Health’s daily COVID-19 report for today, Thursday, recorded 713 new cases and 6 deaths, raising the cumulative number of confirmed cases to 645104.
On the other hand, the head of the Parliamentary Health Committee, MP Assem Araji, reassured that “the situation with regard to “Corona” is good, especially since the vaccination rate is very high,” noting that “it is difficult to speculate about the situation in the coming months because we do not know how the epidemic will develop.” And he warned that “hospitals are not fully prepared, due to the deteriorating financial and economic conditions.”
Regarding the third dose of the vaccine, he said, “The committee will start next month to send text messages to citizens over the age of seventy to receive this dose, as well as to workers in the health sector, provided that it is optional.”