| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Democracy Reporting International calls on Lebanese government to hold elections on time

The Democracy Reporting International welcomed “the new Lebanese government, after 13 months of political bickering over the form and size of new Cabinet, during which the economic, social, security and political situation deteriorated in the country, leaving 70 percent of the Lebanese family in poverty. This in addition to the decline in freedoms of expression, the arrest of activists, and failure to clarify the facts and responsibilities of those in charge for the Port of Beirut blast.”

The organization considered in a statement that “the deterioration of social and economic conditions since the uprising of October 17, 2019 has led to a decline in the level of freedoms of expression, political freedoms and civil rights, in addition to attacks on journalists and the arrest of activists, because of publications or reports that affect the corrupt, with some activists being forced to sign illegal undertakings.

The security authorities have also arrested a number of activists and families of the Beirut port explosion victims, who are demanding to know the full truth, in light of an official intention to conceal a number of security reports that indicate the primary responsibilities in the explosion.

On the International Day of Democracy September 15, 2021, the organization announced that it was “concerned about the democratic systems in Lebanon, the first of which is the fear that municipal, parliamentary and presidential elections will not be held successively in 2022 or trying to postpone it, despite the fact that the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities has set the dates for the elections.”

The organization feared that “the situation of arresting and repressing activists will develop, in light of the severe attack against local and international civil society organizations and associations operating in Lebanon.”

The organization called on the new government to note in its ministerial statement:

Developing an economic plan that involves the most marginalized groups, activating the ration card, and expanding the range of benefits to all needy families and individuals, provided that it is not an electoral card.

– Expedite the adoption of the law on the independence of the judiciary and the application of the public procurement law and the national plan to combat corruption on the widest scale.

-To hold those involved in the Beirut port explosion accountable, and to bring the perpetrators, instigators and participants to justice.

– Carrying out the parliamentary, presidential and municipal elections on time and not using security pretexts, in an attempt to postpone them.

  • Sawt Beirut International