| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Derian: ” Any attack against the army, is an attack against honorable Lebanese.”

Grand Mufti of Republic, Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian declared that Lebanese do not deserve to be humiliated in order to secure their livelihood, and waste hours of their life in the streets to obtain medicine and milk for their children, some liters of fuel and the necessities of a decent life that should be secured to them by their country. And that officials are required to exert their outmost efforts in order to secure the minimum level of stable life standards. Derian praised the role played by the army and the security forces that succeeded so far in preventing total chaos which we are about to reach.

Derian said in a statement, “We appeal to the Lebanese army and security forces to deter anyone who tries to disrupt security in all Lebanese regions, and to strike with an iron hand in order not to reach the self-security phase which everyone rejects, while preserving the right of citizens to peacefully express their sufferings, and he warns that any attack against the army, is an attack against every honorable Lebanese.

He noted “the great tasks that the army and security forces are doing in maintaining security, safety and stability, which is the last hope for the survival of Lebanon and its patient people who do not lose their faith in God and their homeland, which will inevitably emerge from this dark tunnel with the efforts of the loyal and loyal to their homeland.”

He also expressed his appreciation and respect to the army commander, officers and members alongside the security forces, for protecting the people and the homeland, stressing that nothing will get this country out of these dire crises, except by the formation of a rescue government.