| 27 May 2024, Monday |

DHL: We’ve been instructed since Saturday to halt posts from Lebanon to Saudi Arabia

DHL, the global leader in the logistics industry, confirmed to “An-Nahar” that the company has received instruction from Saudi Arabia to halt posts from Lebanon to Saudi Arabia.

DHL is in the process of returning the posts it received on Saturday to be transported to Saudi Arabia to the customers in Lebanon.

DHL explained that the company have received these instructions from Saudi Arabia, and they have to implement this decision.

It seems that this decision comes within the framework of halting exports from Lebanon to Saudi Arabia.

Lebanon’s crisis with the Gulf countries has took an upward course, after Minister of Information George Kordahi’s refusal to resign following his statements about the Yemen war.

On Saturday, the UAE announced the withdrawal of its diplomats from Lebanon “in solidarity with Saudi Arabia,” which took escalatory measures after Kordahi’s.

The decision comes after Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain took similar measures.

  • An-Nahar