| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

Doctors Syndicate calls on to facilitate the process of filling gasoline for medical and nursing staff

Head of Doctors Syndicate, Sharaf Abu Sharaf, appealed to the ministers of interior, defense and energy, the Supreme Defense Council and all concerned officials and owners of petrol stations, to take a strict decision to facilitate the filling of gasoline for medical and nursing staff and to find stations in all governorates to receive doctors.

Abu Sharaf warned, in a statement, “that the medical and nursing staff will not be able to carry out their duties after today,” noting that “doctors are stuck in their homes and cannot reach the emergency department to treat emergency cases, due to the loss of their gasoline.”

The head of the Doctors Syndicate pointed out that they “have stopped working and are unable to fulfill their professional duty, and they bear the responsibility for the lives of citizens that may be at risk to the concerned authorities.”

He said, “The medical committees in all hospitals called, through the Doctors Syndicate, to stop working until an appropriate solution to this issue is found in order to protect citizens health.”

  • Sawt Beirut International