| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

EDL: “Start unloading one fuel tanker and rationing hours will increase.”

EDL announced in a statement that “despite the arrival of two marine tankers loaded with fuel-oil (Grade A) and two marine tankers loaded with fuel-oil (Grade B) into the Lebanese territorial waters, and anchored off the Lebanese coast, and after the expiry of the legal period for appeal to the Constitutional Council, and the resumption of Law No. 215 dated 8-4-2021, EDL was only able to start unloading one marine tanker loaded with fuel oil (Grade A), and was unable to unload other tankers due to the failure in opening its necessary documentary credits.

It added: Therefore, Electricité du Liban will raise the capacity of the old Zouk thermal plant and reduce the capacity of all other plants, due to the severe shortage of fuel oil (Grade B) and gas oil. Thus, the total energy produced on the network is currently in the range of 720 megawatts, after it was gradually reduced over the past weeks, so that all Lebanese regions, including Beirut administrative region, witness a very noticeable increase in the number of rationing hours. This decline in production capacity has negatively affected the stability of the electrical network, as any electrical shock to the network may lead to a general interruption and the exit of all factories.

The Corporation concluded: Accordingly, as EDL apologizes to all honorable citizens for this situation that is beyond its control, it will forcibly continue to take more precautionary measures in a manner consistent with its available fuel stock, to ensure a minimum level of stability in electricity supply for the longest possible period, and that until it is able to unload all the existing marine tankers, it will also inform the honorable citizens of any developments regarding the electrical supply through subsequent data.