| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Energy Minister Fayad: Beirut River falls under the jurisdiction of the Public Works Ministry

The caretaker Energy Minister, Walid Fayad, clarified that the Beirut River is within the boundaries of maritime properties and, therefore, falls under the jurisdiction of the Public Works Ministry.

As for river streams, they are the responsibility of the Energy Ministry, especially regarding natural problems.

Fayad said to LBCI that it was not the Beirut River that overflowed, but there were encroachments near it, “which we warned about previously.”

The Energy Minister emphasized that Public Works Minister Ali Hamie, who considered the Beirut River to be the Energy Ministry’s responsibility, is incorrect.

Fayad explained that the unprecedented amount of rainfall overwhelmed all roads, noting that all streets in Lebanon “flooded” due to the inability of Lebanon’s roads to accommodate this quantity.

He affirmed that the Energy Ministry has fulfilled all its duties.

  • LBCI