| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Energy Ministry issues a statement denouncing the attack on Minister Fayad in the street: Arresting the aggressors not enough

The media office of the Minister of Energy Walid Fayad issued on Monday the following statement: “A well-known group of saboteurs or those who falsely call themselves revolutionaries have tracked and pursued the Minister of Energy in an unprecedented and repeated manner,” deeming such acts as “unbridled behavioral phenomena”  that Lebanon has not known in the past.

The statement indicated that after attacking the Ministry of Energy two weeks ago and sabotaging its contents and attacking it defenseless staff, “the moral degeneration of the saboteurs prompted them last night to carry out such treacherous physical assault on Minister Fayad in the middle of the street, especially that he is known for his movements without security guards.”

The statement denounced such an assault against a Lebanese citizen, first and foremost, other than his capacity as a minister, by those who “falsely position themselves as spokespersons for the people, while the people are innocent of their actions.”

“Contrary to the claims of some of the instigators, Minister Fayad went out to deliberate with the aggressors, “believing in constructive civil dialogue and trying to explain his undertaken efforts at the ministry with a clear mind and full awareness, as evident in the circulating videos,” the statement said.

It stressed that the Minister of Energy “places this blatant attack in the hands of senior Lebanese officials and all security services,” and will file “personal charges against those who incited, monitored, planned and contributed to this attack.”

The statement underlined that Minister Fayad has been exerting relentless efforts in serving the country and citizens since assuming his duties, sparing no effort to safeguard all sectors of the Ministry.

“Arresting the perpetrators or the aggressors is not enough, but rather they must be punished in the name of the people to prevent a recurrence of what happened,” the statement emphasized, stressing that “the dignity of people, regardless of their position, is not dependent on anyone, especially on such unruly groups that transcend all laws, norms, morals and human values, claiming to speak falsely in the name of the Lebanese people.”



  • NNA