| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Environment minister inaugurates season of visiting palm islands reserve

Caretaker Minister of Environment Nasser Yassin inaugurated the season of visiting the Palm Islands Nature Reserve, which includes three uninhabited islands: Al-Nakhl Island, Sanni Island and Ramkin Island, which is located 5.5 km northwest of Tripoli and Al-Mina and has an area of ​​about 417 hectares.

After a tour of the islands with the Chairman of the Reserve Committee, Amer Haddad, the Minister of Environment pointed out that “this reserve constitutes one of the few remaining habitats for the breeding of the globally threatened loggerhead and green turtle, and a resting place for a large number of migratory birds, in addition to being rich in coastal plant life.”

He added: “On the regional and global level, the reserve has been declared a wet area in accordance with the Ramsar Convention. It has also been declared a special reserve of Mediterranean importance, and has been classified by the World Council of Birds as an important area for birds.”


  • NNA