| 4 March 2024, Monday |

Farid El Khazen: For giving the new government a chance

“The cabinet has a basic job,” MP Farid Haykal El Khazen stated on Sunday, “which is to put a stop to the breakdown at all levels and set the foundations for saving the nation, allowing it to revitalize and be put on the right track.”

El Khazen told the radio station “Voice of All Lebanon 93.3” this morning that “this stage demands reason in dealing with the government,” and that “we need a constructive opposition to restore Lebanon’s life.”

“Give the cabinet a chance,” he said, “since it has demonstrated seriousness and quickness in dealing with the files.”

El Khazen stressed that “the international community is supportive of the government, and the international and regional changes pushed in the direction of its formation,” pointing to the significant international pressure to implement the reform provisions mentioned in the French initiative.

“The government should start negotiating with the International Monetary Fund and then with the financial markets to initiate the reform phase, because the conditions requested by the IMF have become a ‘fait accompli’, from liberalizing the exchange rate to completely lifting subsidies,” he underlined.

In the electricity dossier, he called for “converting the plants to gas factories,” stressing that “no more deals can be done in this sector, and reform has become imperative.”

Over the Iranian oil entering Lebanon, the MP considered that “these ships have led the Americans to wake up and pushed them to release Lebanon.”

Finally, El Khazen expected that “the regional movement would serve Lebanon’s interest positively.”

  • NNA