| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Fayyad reviews with Egypt’s water resources minister the exchange of expertise, transfer of Egyptian gas to Lebanon

On the sidelines of the Cairo Water Week Conference, Caretaker Minister of Energy and Water, Walid Fayyad, met with the Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation in Egypt, Hani Swailem, in the presence of Ambassador Ali Al-Halabi, directors of the water institutions of the Ministry of Energy and Water and members of the team responsible for water resources in both ministries.

Following a briefing by Minister Fayyad on how the water sector operates in Lebanon, it was agreed to activate the work of the joint committee emanating from the memorandum of understanding signed between the two ministries, by holding a series of in-person and online meetings, so as begin exchanging experiences, especially in the field of sewage treatment, irrigation sector and the recycling of irrigation water, in which Egypt has a long history.

In his capacity as Chairman of the Arab Council of Ministers for Water during the year 2022, Fayyad touched on the importance of Arab unity of stances in support of Egypt regarding the issue of the Renaissance Dam, with the need to find a solution and a final agreement with Ethiopia under international auspices with all concerned sides, one that would secure a fair sharing of water away from any injustice to sisterly Egypt.

Minister Fayyad also highlighted, during the meeting, the role that Egypt plays in all frameworks and sectors, in standing by Lebanon and showing readiness with regards to the Egyptian gas dossier and its supply to Lebanon via Syria and Jordan, which has not yet taken place due to delay in financing by the World Bank and exemptions from the “Caesar Law”.

The issue of electricity and Egypt’s willingness to help were also discussed, as this matter will be tackled in a meeting later to be held with the Egyptian Minister of Electricity.

On another note, Fayyad and his counterparts participated in the opening of the exhibition accompanying the Cairo Water Week.

  • NNA