| 12 April 2024, Friday |

Fiery response from Berri to Aoun: You promised us hell, you fulfilled and sufficed

After interviewing former President Michel Aoun on OTV, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri responded with the following:

To begin with, instead of saying Happy New Year, you obligated me to tell you the following: You did not need anyone to hinder you, as you promised us Hell, and you fulfilled and sufficed.
For remembrance and not for nostalgia, 74 laws were issued but not implemented and are not in the drawers, the first but not the last of which is electricity.

We were forbidden to see the stars at night, and we were shown hell

It is noteworthy that Aoun said, via an interview yesterday evening, that “Berri is one of the most prominent obstructors of his term: “All I know is that President Berri was against my election as president of the republic, and he obstructed 18 files that I was working on.”

Aoun added, “I did not ask Hezbollah about the reason for its silence on Berri’s behavior in the past six years, and it did not tell me, and I think that Mar Mikhael’s understanding must be reformulated.”

  • Sawt Beirut International