| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

Finance ministry: ‘Reggie’ scholarship grant to Lebanese students abroad will be ready for collection starting mid-next week

The Ministry of Finance announced, in an issued statement on Saturday, that the grant provided by the Reggie to Lebanese students abroad, will be ready, as of mid-next week, for eligible students to receive at various Lebanese embassies in their countries of residence.

In this context, the Caretaker Minister of Finance Youssef Al-Khalil had signed the transactions of this grant during the past week and referred them to the concerned directorates at the Finance Ministry to take their legal course in preparation for transferring the funds to the concerned Lebanese missions abroad.

In its statement, the Ministry explained that “the process of disbursing the grant and transferring its funds was carried out in joint coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and was completed within the normal timeframe, despite the many complications and reasons that imposed a mandatory delay, including those related to the Ukrainian crisis and restrictions on transfers to some countries as a result, alongside the open strike carried out by public sector employees, including the Ministry of Finance staff.”

  • NNA