| 18 July 2024, Thursday |

Financial Prosecutor bans Turkish electricity ships from leaving Lebanon

The Financial Prosecutor, Judge Ali Ibrahim, decided to ban  the Turkish ships producing electrical energy in Lebanon, belonging to the companies “Karadeniz” and “Karbayorshb”, from leaving Lebanon. A judicial source told Sawt of Beirut International, “This precautionary decision aims at ensuring that the two companies’ obligations under the terms of the contract compel them to pay an amount of $ 25 million to the Lebanese Treasury in case financial and brokerages deals were found.”

Judge Ibrahim referred the decision to the Public Prosecution Office of Cassation to take the necessary measures. The Public Defender, Judge Ghassan Khoury, assigned the Internal Security Forces to implement this decision.

The Financial Public Prosecution conducted investigations about the existence of suspicions of financial brokerage, and arrested three persons close to influential parties who were arrested a month ago, due to suspicions that they were charging seven million dollars in commissions upon renewing the contract between the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and the two aforementioned companies, in contravention of the terms of the contract Which prohibits the receipt of commissions or bids and fine the two companies an amount of $ 25 million in the event that any deal or personal benefit is discovered on the account of public money.