| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Fuel crisis, continues.

Member of the Syndicate of Station Owners, Georges Braks, explained to “Al-Nahar” that “the crisis cannot be solved except by giving continuous and sufficient credits from the Banque du Liban, which has not happened in spite of reducing subsidies from 1,514 pounds to 3900 Lebanese pounds, and the state should  control the process of distributing fuel to the stations “.

He referred the continuation of the crisis, to the Banque du Liban’s failure in opening credits to all companies, that is why some stations that belong to certain companies, are closed. We have learned that the Banque du Liban will open some credits for them today.” In addition to the new phenomenon, the black market, which has grown with the summer season and the influx of expatriates.”

He stressed that “citizens are panicking as they arrive at the stations, despite the fact that their cars’ tanks contain sufficient quantities of gasoline, which leads to more tension and queues.”

Braks concluded that “fuel smuggling plays a prominent role in the ongoing fuel crisis.”