| 18 May 2024, Saturday |

Fuel distributors: To demonstrate patience, insight to overcome the crisis

The Syndicate of Gas Station Owners and Distributors considered, in an appeal to citizens today, that “the huge daily problems and pressures we suffer to meet the market’s needs with fuel has become unbearable.”

It added: “We are working hard to facilitate your affairs, with the sole aim of assisting you in moving to your work places and destinations, and in transferring patients to hospitals and others.”

The Syndicate, thus, called for “exercising awareness and endurance to overcome this crisis that affects us all,” hoping that the security forces and the army leadership would “increase their number of operating stations and intensify their efforts to meet people’s needs, in order to control the situation more and protect both citizens and stations, owners, workers and property, in order to avoid clashes and preserve the safety of all.”

“We do not wish to be forced to close, which will exacerbate the crisis for everyone,” the Syndicate underlined.

  • NNA