| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Fuel distributors: We announce death of this exhausted sector with terminal disease

“Today, we were surprised, as many surprises that have been killing us since the beginning of the crisis. The Importing companies informed us, that Banque du Liban issued a circular in which fuel distributors and stations, must pay 15% of the bill’s value in dollars cash. And based on this circular and the huge losses that it entails for distributors and stations, given that our sales are in Lebanese pounds, and according to the schedule issued by the Ministry of Energy, and since this sector has been floundering since the beginning of the crisis and bears what no other sector can bear, until it reached the state of clinical death as a result of not amending the royalties ratio, in line with its costly expenses, after the suffering it has experienced since the beginning of the crisis. There is no way to mention it now.
As for today, and after we were informed of the circular of the “Great” Banque du Liban, we turn to the officials and those in charge of the country’s affairs to announce, with regret, the death of this exhausted sector with a terminal disease that was infected as a result of your blind management and circulars. May God preserve what is left of our beloved homeland, if there is anything left of it.”