| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

Gas crisis soon?

The head of the Syndicate of Owners and Investors of Domestic Gas Filling Plants in Lebanon, Antoine Yammine, appealed to the Minister of Energy to take into consideration the pains and losses that the factories incur with the import companies.

Yammine demanded that a new schedule be set, that each factory owner be given his right, and that prices be set according to the exchange of the dollar circulating in the markets.

Yammine revealed that most of the factories stopped delivering because they could not continue with such losses.

Even if the factory sold its goods at the retail price of 343000 pounds according to the table, its losses would be 824 pounds per bottle, in addition to the cost of diesel, workers and maintenance.

He concluded by appealing to those responsible for this issue to feel responsible towards the factories, bearing in mind that the ministry has the right to reconsider the price-fixing schedule and grant us a royalty according to the study and approval from the Legislative and Cases Commission in the State Shura.

  • Sawt Beirut International