| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Geagea supports banks’ position: What is happening is a kind of farce, misinformation and ignorance of the real actors

Head of the “Lebanese Forces” party, Samir Geagea, commented in a statement on the issue of banks, saying: “There is no doubt that some bank owners and their administrators bear part of the responsibility for the proceeds of depositors’ deposits, and therefore they must be prosecuted, but what is happening now with regard to the issue of banks It requires a comprehensive, objective and non-judgmental approach to holding all actual and real officials accountable, each according to his responsibility and role.

He added: “What is happening now is a kind of farce on the one hand, and a kind of misleading public opinion on the other hand, and a kind of ignorance of the real actors on the other hand.”

Geagea pointed out that “the major responsibility for the outcome of the situation lies first with the political authority, successive governments and the parliamentary majority, especially after 2016, followed by the Banque du Liban and some bank owners and those responsible for them,” considering that chasing down some bank owners and regulators is something and destroying the entire banking sector in Lebanon. is something else.

He warned that “…these authoritarian measures will lead to the destruction of the banking sector instead of reforming it, and thus deepening the crisis of the citizen and depositors, and not taking any step towards a solution, by causing a liquidity crisis that will be triggered by the measures, especially if they are accompanied by a bank strike, and the impact of this on small employees and people with limited incomes, as well as the impact of judicial procedures on the confidence of correspondent banks in the Lebanese banking system.”

Geagea held the President of the Republic, the current government and the parliamentary majority responsible for the harm that befalls the citizen as a result of everything they do, and its goal is clear and obvious, and it is not to fix the situation, but rather either personal maliciousness or continuous blackmail attempts.

Finally, Geagea feared that the aim of these measures would be to push the banks to close, which would prevent the elections from being held on time because it would not be possible for the lists to open accounts and move them during the campaign, in a political and judicial play that appeared to be victory for the right and the law.

  • NNA