| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Geagea: We want a president who defends our sovereignty

Lebanese Forces Party held a Mass service on Sunday dedicated to the fallen martyrs of the Lebanese resistance, led by Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Boutros al-Rahi, in the courtyard of the Party’s headquarters in Maarab.

In his delivered word on the occasion, Party Chief Samir Geagea said: “We will not accept, no matter what happens, any change in Lebanon’s facet or role, message and identity, and we will not accept at all that our country remains alienated and isolated from its Arab environment or from the international community.”

He added: “We will confront any project that aims to drag the country to a place that does not resemble it, and has nothing to do with its past or history, nor the nature of its people, and threatens its existence and the future of its people…”

Geagea stressed that any attempt to obliterate the history of Lebanon by any side, seeking to alter it to suit its ideology and theories, will totally be rejected.

“Hands off the presidency, hands off the Lebanese, hands off Lebanon!” Geagea continued.

He stressed, “Our people at the present time are counting the days, day after day, moment after moment, until the current covenant ends.”

On Lebanon’s future president, Geagea said: “We want a president who is an actual representative of legitimacy, and who does not succumb to an illegitimate militia subject to a foreign state.”

“We want a president who defends our sovereignty, restores our dignity and the strategic decision of the state…His power is to reform our institutions and our economy, not disrupt them,” he maintained.

“The rescue operation will only be achieved by a confronting, rescue president, and here the responsibility rests entirely upon the Parliament that will elect a new president of the republic, knowing that the time has come to define responsibilities in a precise and clear manner, away from generalisations and evasion of responsibility,” the LF Chief underscored.

  • NNA