| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

Gemayel from Los Angeles: Hezbollah’s control of the country is the basis of the crisis

Kataeb Party Chief, Sami Gemayel, stressed Sunday that “the need is urgent today to restore Lebanon from the hands of Hezbollah and all the system that has compromised Lebanon’s sovereignty and handed over the country to it [Hezbollah], and relinquished the rights of the people,” considering that “what is happening in terms of the successive collapses on more than one level is not by chance, but rather the result of an accumulation of wrong policies and decisions.”

He stressed “the necessity of working for change in Lebanon to give hope to Lebanese emigrants to return and to preserve the future of our children,” warning that choosing the same group in the upcoming elections would lead to the same equation that Lebanon is experiencing today.

Gemayel revealed that the Lebanese expatriates he has met have all expressed their will and determination to show rejection towards those who pushed the country to its current situation.

The Kateb Chief’s words came while pursuing his United States tour, as he is currently in Los Angeles, California, where he met with members of the Lebanese expatriate community residing there during two banquets organized by the Lebanese American Institute for Studies (ALPI).

  • NNA