| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

General Directorate of Civil Status: Expatriate lists are now available

The General Directorate of Civil Status announced that “after the Minister of Interior and Municipalities issued Resolution No. 325 on April 7, which aims to specify polling stations for voters not residing on Lebanese territory, after coordination with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, and since this decision included the polling stations for these voters in all A country with their serial numbers, which allow every Lebanese voter abroad to know in which station and which polling station they vote in.”

And she continued in a statement: “After the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, after coordination with it, deposited a copy of the voter lists bearing serial numbers in each country, and after the approval of the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, the General Directorate of Personal Status announces that it is now for anyone to obtain voter lists for Lebanese who are not residing on Lebanese territory in the 58 countries in which the polls will take place, by means of a CD and in return for a financial allowance of 70,000 Lebanese pounds, to be filled with financial stamps.”


  • Sawt Beirut International