| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Head of Syndicate of Telecom Employees: To implement the collective work contract

The Head of the Syndicate of Telecom Companies’ Employees Marc Aoun, confirmed that “their demand today is implementing the collective labor contract.”

He explained that “after they reached a solution with the Minister of Telecommunications, Johnny Corm regarding health insurance, the minister returned to the previous formula that incurred employees a lot of costs.”

In an interview with An-Nahar, he indicated that “this is what prompted us to continue the strike.”

Employees gathered in the company’s courtyards since the early morning, all customer service operations stopped, stores were closed, and employees stopped handing out recharge cards, and refrained from doing all maintenance work on the networks.”

The employees affirmed that they will not back down from the “strike until all rights are obtained.”

The Syndicate’s strike was a message to the employees, that this fateful stage requires defense with full force to preserve the work contract, especially that there are serious attempts to violate it and deprive employees from getting their benefits. Any retreat will lead us to more losses, which negatively affects our health and social protection and our families.

  • Sawt Beirut International