| 18 May 2024, Saturday |

How much is the bread new price?

The captain of the bakery owners in Mount Lebanon, Antoine Seif, indicated that the question about bakeries crisis is directed to the Ministry of Energy and those concerned with securing diesel, and said: “We are not able to secure diesel, and what remains is not enough to continue working, and there is no flour also in some bakeries.”

In a radio interview, he said: Today, there is a difference between the Ministry of Energy and the fuel companies over the discharge of diesel, and it is necessary to discharge what was imported.

Regarding the price of bread, Seif added: The increase in the price of a bundle of bread is related to the mills because they will have an electricity expense, and transportation will also affect in addition to the operation of generators, and an estimation of a bundle of bread that weighs 850 grams, will cost about 5,000 pounds if the dollar remains at the 16,000 pounds, and any increase will be about 750 pounds, or only 1,000 pounds.”

  • Sawt Beirut International