| 19 October 2021, Tuesday |

“I apologize to the Lebanese for today’s events,” PM Mikati says

Prime Minister Najib Mikati urged the legal system to clean up its act in the event of a defect. There can be no state without a just and impartial court, and I will not abdicate my role in dealing with the problem. There is a way out, but we’ll need some time to figure it out.

“Lebanon has always been a bridge between all,” Mikati told “An-Nahar.” “Today we did not mention the Iranian issue at the discussion.” He reaffirmed his determination to organize elections on the constitutional dates, despite the fact that today’s events were not promising.

“I hesitated a lot before allowing the formation of a government,” he continued, “but the nation’s interest comes first, and we service the Syrian and Lebanese markets at the same time, which is what causes the dollar exchange rate to rise.”

He went on to say that all of the challenges we’ve seen today are pointless and won’t bring us anywhere. He stated that what happened today proves that we are shooting at ourselves, that life will return to normal tomorrow, and that we must concentrate on political awareness.

“My recent contacts with the Army revealed an improvement in the security situation on the streets,” he stated.

“I apologize to the Lebanese for what happened today, and I am ashamed today of the tragic situation we have reached,”Mikati concluded.