| 5 February 2023, Sunday |

Ibrahim tells NNA bakeries committed to official price of bread bundle despite challenges

Head of the bakery owners’ syndicate, Ali Ibrahim, on Friday confirmed in a call with the “National News Agency”, that the price of a bread bundle was still at the official pricing rate, which is LBP 4000 “despite all the challenges and difficulties that the syndicate has been facing.”

“As for the way that shops price bread bundles, it is not our responsibility; it’s been circulated that one bundle is being sold in some areas for LBP 15,000,” Ibrahim said.

Asked about the possibility of closing bakeries tomorrow, he said: “They had promised us to distribute diesel to bakeries and mills, but they haven’t yet. What are they waiting for? and why haven’t they fulfilled their promises? have they no mercy on citizens?”

Ibrahim added that many of bakeries that had run out of diesel would close tomorrow, as for those that were still running on a little remaining amount of diesel, they will open and sell bread inside bakeries but will not distribute to shops.

  • NNA