| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

IDM and Cyberia apologize to subscribers for internet service outage

Many subscribers have suffered from internet service outage in Beirut and other Lebanese regions, where IDM and Cyberia operate. This outage is caused by multiple malfunctions in the telephonic centrals located in Beirut and in other regions, as well as by the strike conducted by the employees of Ogero, thus affecting all companies that provide internet services in Lebanon.

IDM and Cyberia apologize to their subscribers for these outages that have affected the economic activity in general. Our companies will spare no effort to restore their services to their subscribers as soon as possible, noting that we have effectively been able to restore the services to some subscribers, including companies for them to be able to resume their business operations, specifically the ones that have wireless internet service (microwave) through the GDS network. Our companies hope that Ogero handles the situation as soon as possible. Moreover, they remain at the disposal of the Ministry of Communications to assist wherever it is necessary in order to restore the service.


  • NNA