| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

In Video: “Sawt Beirut” Reporter at Southern Border as Citizen Confronts Merkava Tank

Sawt Beirut International team has headed to the Kfar Shouba area near the Lebanese-Israeli border to cover the events unfolding in the region since Friday morning.

During the live coverage by the “Sawt Beirut team”, which includes reporters “Mohammed Zinati” and “Ibrahim Dawi” along with photographer Youssef Fawaz, a Lebanese citizen managed to cross the Blue Line beyond the Lebanese border and confronted an Israeli Merkava tank.
When Sawt Beirut reporter “Ibrahim Dawi” asked the Lebanese citizen about the reason for crossing the border area, he replied that this land belongs to Lebanon, and it is his right to be present there.

Earlier today, Friday morning, tension and confrontations occurred between the residents of the Kfar Shouba area and the Israeli army due to Israeli vehicles crossing the Blue Line.

As of now, UNIFIL forces and vehicles are still present in the border area.




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