| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

Israel will extract gas and oil… And Hezbollah’s threats are but a “folklore”

Former MP Wehbi Qatisha saw that Israel will start extracting gas and oil from Karish, and thus “Hezbollah’s threats are a kind of folklore because there is a sincere intention to proceed with the demarcation with the approval of all political forces, including Hezbollah.”

He added, in an interview via “Al-Anbaa” online newspaper, that “Lebanon’s maritime borders start from Line 23, not 29, and the Lebanese government sent it to the United Nations several years ago, based on the Hydroglyphic Office in Britain,” noting that “the majority of the Qana field’s reserves belong to Lebanon’s share. Except for a small zigzag area, but Lebanon insists on all of it, and this is the reason for the problem that recently occurred.”

Qatisha considered that “Israel has its own internal problems, such as Lebanon and more,” ruling out any military action by Hezbollah, “because things are agreed upon, and the party will not move a finger except according to what Iran wants.”

  • Sawt Beirut International