| 3 October 2023, Tuesday |

Jean Ellieh: There is no power stronger than the power of truth

Jean Ellieh, the Director General of the Tender Board at the Central Inspection Board said in a statement: “The campaign that Former Minister Nada Bustani started yesterday, on behalf of the two Ministers of Energy, has a dual objective, which is disregarding the television debate through insults and intimidation, and influencing the effects of a legal entitlement which is totally inconsistent with the practices of the approach.”

Ellieh added: “The tweets are not originally for insults, and there is no room for debates on delicate constitutional, legal and technical issues as important as the issue of Energy Ministry deals.”

He said: “Facts are neither canceled nor erased with time; the television debate on any channel chosen by the three ministers, is the only way to show the facts.”

Ellieh said that he will not respond outside the framework of this debate, “especially that insulting people is a language that I do not know. I am the one who teaches generations that a person is what he utters.”

He concluded: “There is no power stronger than the power of truth, and there is no stronger bond than the support of the constitution and  law.”

  • Sawt Beirut International