| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Jerry Maher: Bahaa Hariri’s project will not stop

Businessman Baha Hariri’s media advisor, Jerry Maher, responded via an intervention in #20_30 program on “LBCI,” that Bahaa Hariri never aimed to end President Saad Hariri, saying that Saad Hariri “auto-terminated himself” through the policies he adopted over the past years, and through the performance that was negatively reflected on him, whether in the elections or all the phases in which he was participating, in terms of settlements, quotas and concessions to this corrupt and armed system. He did not need anyone to end him, as those around him, advisers and supporters, did not have the ability to change and express their opinions to reach a positive result, so they brought Saad Hariri and the country to this end, that no one has ever wanted or desired.

“Bahaa Hariri’s project is not a temporary one, and the way he dealt with President Saad Hariri’s seclusion was very positive, and whoever criticized Saad Hariri, criticized him for his policies and did not criticize him personally. Unfortunately, there are some who criticize Bahaa Hariri without knowing who he is and what he wants to do for Lebanon. as if the choice today in Lebanon is to continue to destroy the country and not find solutions. And if there is a person who seeks change in the country, we fight him before we see his project and hear his performance and plans, in order to hold him accountable later, in the event of “deficiency” or failure to implement what he promised,” he continued.
Maher added that today the entire campaign against Baha Hariri’s goals are clear, and those behind it are known, and the party that motivates them is also known. Stressing that this campaign will not reach anywhere. He pointed out that all the political performance of Prime Minister Saad Hariri was negative, and everyone saw the result of bringing President Aoun to power and bringing down the country in the hands of the Iranian axis, which drove us out of our Arab environment and consequently the international community abandoned us, and our economy collapsed, and it was all a result of the settlements they promised us with.

  • Sawt Beirut International