| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Judge Qardouhi declares his abstention from attending Criminal Court sessions

Judge Shadi Qardouhi announced in a post on his Facebook account that he has refrained from attending the criminal court sessions, revealing major judicial irregularities.

He added in his post: “I, Judge Shadi Qardouhi, declare my abstention from attending the sessions of the Criminal Court assigned to it until the provisions of the law are observed and the non-discrimination between the weak and the powerful. If a weak person committed the crime of stealing a motorbike, we sentence him to three years of hard labor, while someone accused of a murder felony may escape punishment due to an effective or hidden influence.”

He added: “The judiciary is in a state of clinical death in Lebanon, the judicial uprising must turn into a judicial revolution to root out the corrupt.”

Judge Qardouhi added: “Today I went down from the arc of the criminal court in Roumieh and boycotted the sessions because I reached a state of “disgust”, as we are forbidden from apply law against those with influence, even in felonies of premeditated murder.”

  • Sawt Beirut International