| 28 January 2023, Saturday |

Judges Club to Politicians: Enough is enough, take your Hands off the judiciary

The Lebanese Judges Club issued the following statement:
“Politics has never interfered in anything in Lebanon without destroying it, and politicians have not dealt with anything but distorted it, they disrupted the economy, and plundered the banking sector, and deformed the public sector, they frustrated the people, caused the migration of the young people, polluted the air, and destroyed the country, and now we are at countries and institutions’ doors, begging for our daily crumbs.”
Now it is the turn of the rest of the judiciary, which is still beyond their control, as they want to tame it. This is enough, take your hands off the judiciary as a mercy to the country and the people, and let the judicial process complete its path without any abuse. The court of history will not be merciful.”