| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Karam: Expatriates have the right to vote, run for office, and deliver their regions’ representatives

The Secretary of the Strong Republic bloc, former MP Fadi Karam, tweeted: “The expatriates have the right not only to vote and nominate, but to deliver their regions’ representatives, and have a role in deciding the parliamentary majority as well. They left Lebanon because of wrong policies like yours, but they still attached to their cities, towns and villages that you seek to separate them from, with six seats in the sale market.”

It is noteworthy that the people of power agreed to suspend an article in the electoral law, which stipulates the allocation of 6 parliamentary seats to expatriates, and thus will not allow voting to take place according to the previous method, that is, by voting according to each expatriate citizen’s registered area in Lebanon, because they want to marginalize the expatriate voice, which will give boost to the forces of change, it is obvious that the Lebanese, and specifically the “immigrants” and the new expatriates among them, still feel the bitterness of the practices of the people in power ,that destroyed their lives and pushed them to leave their homeland with their families.