| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Kataeb Lawyers: “Standing by the right represented by judicial investigator and victim’s families.

The Social Democratic Lawyers’ Symposium of the Kataeb Party denounced in a statement, “the suspicious official and leadership silence, which indicates the alliance of the people of power to fight the investigation into a major crime that claimed more than two hundred victims, claimed thousands of injuries, displaced hundreds of thousands, and turned the capital into a stricken area.”
And it announced, “to stand a minute of silence in regret of the perversion of the judicial authority in the person of the judicial investigator in the port explosion case, Judge Tariq Bitar.”

“The threat constitutes a flagrant offense against a constitutional authority that affects every judge and every right holder, kills the victims of the port for the second time, and helps the accused officials or the defendants in their shameless course. The authority, with all its presidential, ministerial, and parliamentary pillars, which deserves to be called for by the legitimate suspicion of its behavior, bears through its silence, the responsibility of writing the obituary paper, to the judiciary, as an independent authority in the country.