| 5 October 2022, Wednesday |

Lebanese Forces: We are not in 1994, and Bitar won’t be toppled through Ain El-Remmaneh gate

Charly Azar

Some are still yearning for the Syrian regime era, in fabricating files and accusations prepared in advance to eliminate opponents, and this was evident through investigations into Ain al-Rummaneh battle and Tayouneh incidents.
They are totally mistaken, those who think that Ghedras era may be repeated in Maarab, and those who believe that the Lebanese Forces may again fall into the trap of the Hezbollah’s files and investigations, prepared in the vaults of darkness.
In this regard, Lebanese Forces party sources confirmed to “Sawt Beirut International” that “the circumstances of 1994 are completely different from those of 2021, and there is no similarity, because the Syrian occupation does not exist today, and the external green light, that prevailed under the Syrian guardianship no longer exists. Moreover, in 1994, Lebanon was emerging from a civil war, and consequently reconciliations had not been achieved and barricades were in place, while today, Hezbollah is on several countries’ terrorism list.”
Adding that ” milieus are on consensus today, especially after March 14, 2005 , against this party, that they accuse of bringing matters to the way they have reached. The Lebanese state today is collapsing, but in 1994 the Syrian regime was holding the joints of the state and its decision, but this does not mean that this party will not try, and it is trying today. It believes that it was able to domesticate the Sunni and Druze environments in May 2008, and today it wants to domesticate the Christian environment, and the strongest party in it is the “Lebanese forces,” the same way they were targeted in 1994 because they were the strongest and were the spearhead in confronting the Syrian occupation, today it is a spearhead in the face of Hezbollah’s project.”
The sources say: “Hezbollah believed that it could bring down the judicial investigator Tariq Bitar through the gate of Ain al-Rummaneh, and achieve another goal, taming the Lebanese forces, and it would try all available means to achieve its goals and project and complete its control, but it is wrong because it is living a crisis within its environment, and based on its crisis, it goes with its reckless behavior towards sedition. And whoever talks about 100,000 fighters does not want a state in Lebanon, its only concern is to preserve its arsenal, and this is a challenge to the Lebanese army.”