| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Lebanese-Saudi Business Council calls on the government to carry out its work independently

The Lebanese-Saudi Business Council denounced “the Information Minister George Kordahi’s remarks as well as the statements of the Former Foreign Minister Charbel Wahba, and other officials who offended Lebanon’s relationship with its Arab surroundings, especially the countries that stood by Lebanon in times of adversity, foremost of which is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

The statement said: “Based on the crisis caused by the irresponsible statements of the Minister of Information, who did not take the initiative to apologize or resign, and out of our concern for the continuation of Lebanon’s relations with the Kingdom and other Gulf states and for the interests of the Lebanese, we call on officials to take measures leading to the dismissal of the Minister of Information.”

“Kordahi has caused an unprecedented crisis with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. If the matter is left without a radical treatment, it will cause severe damages to the supreme interest of the state and the Lebanese who aspire to strengthen relations with Lebanon’s Arab environment, and correct the declining path that isolated Lebanon from is fraternal countries”. Lebanon has received a lot of support from Saudi Arabia, which helped to end the armed conflicts and maintaining civil peace.

The statement added: “Out of our concern for the Lebanese in the Kingdom and the Gulf and for the interests of farmers, craftsmen, industrialists, exporters, traders, contractors and others who need more than ever to protect their interests from absurdity and deterioration, and in the interest of the people as a whole, we call for vigilance of conscience and a comprehensive national uprising in order to restore things to normal.”

We call on the government to carry out its work independently in a way that enables it to mobilize the efforts of brothers and friends to carry out the required reforms in preparation for putting Lebanon on the path of economic recovery and restoring international and Arab confidence in it.

  • Sawt Beirut International